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Handling Select Judgment Collection Matters

Prior to making the decision to focus his legal practice mainly on bankruptcy and personal injury matters, Mark Aalam was also a very accomplished judgment collection attorney. As was one of the lead attorneys handling millions of dollars of judgment collection matters for members of the CitiGroup family of companies, including CitiCapital, as well as many other large lending institutions, Mark specialized in high dollar cases and chasing, finding, and executing upon the assets of borrowers who had significant assets but refused to pay their judgment obligations.

In representing judgment creditor clients, Mark followed judgment debtors all of the state and tracked down their assets all over the country. Mark is very skilled at forcefully executing upon a judgment debtor’s assets. The great majority of the judgment debtors that Mark pursues end up paying most or all of the judgment amount in full before their assets are forcefully sold by a sheriff. Mark is an aggressive litigator and passionate advocate that does not give in to the temptation of a quick settlement. He is not afraid to fight the fight. In fact, he feels that once collection is imminent or relatively certain, there is no benefit to his client to settle the matter and therefore settling at anything less than 100% of the amount owed would be a disservice to his client.

As a result of his fierce determination and dedication to his clients’ cause, many attorneys in the San Diego area have come to know Mark as the person to call when they are having difficultly collecting a judgment. Mark only handles select judgment collection cases on a case-by-case basis. If he accepts a case, it is usually for other attorneys in San Diego who have sought his expertise and requested his help on a particularly elusive judgment debtor, where the case requires a high degree of technical skill to ensure collection. If Mark accepts to handle a case, collection is relatively certain.

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